• Guy Pearson

Are you making the most of LinkedIn?

Social media has become an essential ingredient of the marketing mix – not least because it enables companies to engage directly with potential customers.

But how many still believe it to be peripheral chore and don’t always dedicate the time and effort needed to ensure it becomes, or remains, a valuable part of their sales strategy?

LinkedIn, for example, has emerged over the last five years or more as a vitally important arena in which to deliver news, create conversations around your products or services, connect with new contacts – and build your brand.

It’s social selling without the traditional sales pitch – and those who are ignoring it, or failing to take full advantage – whatever their industry, are really missing a trick.

There’s simply no excuse anymore for failing to maintain an up-to-date company profile or building your LinkedIn presence.

It’s an opportunity to continue your conversation with existing customers – and talk directly to potential new ones, to raise the profile of your company, build confidence and develop trust. You can even highlight your credentials as leaders in your field in a space where fellow industry professionals, and potential customers, are watching.

Connect with the right people and it’s effectively free PR. A chance to put your key messages in front of the people you most want to engage with.

It’s crucial, therefore, to ensure your LinkedIn profile is properly optimised, to keep building connections, sharing content and extending your reach.

You might not, or even want to, believe it, but your presence on LinkedIn can make a BIG difference.

And the good thing is… LinkedIn make it easy for you to ensure your profile is as good as it can be.

They even provide a useful tool that enables you to measure how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights and building relationships.

It’s called the Social Selling Index (SSI) – and your score is updated daily, giving you the chance to see how your profile stacks up against your connections and others in your industry – and the opportunity to improve.

Check out your SSI score by logging in to your page and visiting

Here’s how mine looks at the moment…

There are resources and videos within LinkedIn itself, offering tips on how to boost your profile, or that of your company. Visit

And if you’re too busy – or would like professional input – I’d be happy to help.


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