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Awards success can lift your business to new heights

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Winning an award for your projects, initiatives or achievements can be massively rewarding for your business on a number of levels.

Whether it’s recognition from within your own industry, or a commendation on the regional or even national stage, it’s good news all round.

As independent recognition of your success, an award will help to confirm your expertise and act a source of real pride for your staff.

But it can also have a hugely positive and long-lasting impact on your business as a whole.

Leveraged in the right way, it can help to improve your position in your market, expand your reach and, ultimately, lead to more customers – and more sales.

Certainly it can be good for business retention, brand loyalty and provide a great opportunity for valuable PR. A framed certificate would look great in reception too!

But if winning an award can have such a positive effect, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Surely you could just jot down the answers to a few questions yourself and you’re bound to win, right?

There’s actually a lot involved in compiling an award entry that stands out from the crowd – perhaps more than you think. It’s hardly ever a case of answering questions with the first thing that springs to mind, that’s for sure.

Judges, often tasked with sifting through hundreds of entries, are looking for well-structured arguments that deliver the most compelling cases…

· Can you look at your business dispassionately before deciding which category to go for?

· Do you have the skills to present your story without writing a list?

· Can you get your vital information across without exceeding the word count, or supply facts and figures in a format that's easy-to-understand and digest?

· Will you produce case studies to support your statements? And how about graphics that can strengthen the visual impact of your entry?

I’ve put together entries that have led to more than a dozen industry, regional and even national awards for clients ranging from nationwide businesses, SMEs and sole traders.

I’ve seen first hand the effect such success can have and how it can play a key role in maintaining momentum and increasing growth.

I work out precisely what the judges are looking for and deliver it in spades.

I love doing it – and my record of success is proof of that.

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Guy put together an entry for an awards initiative on my behalf that really made my business stand out.

I had never entered any kind of awards before and knew nothing of the process but he guided me through it, asked all the right questions and produced a submission that really hit the spot.

I was absolutely delighted to learn my business had made the shortlist and that we had been invited along to the awards ceremony alongside some of the biggest and best companies in the region.

Guy did a great job and I’d very much recommend him.

Owner of a Staffordshire haulage company

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