A well-written press release can save your company thousands of pounds in advertising.

I’ll get you noticed in all the right places – and for all the right reasons.

Thanks to decades of experience in writing (and receiving) news from businesses, I know what works.

I know how to find the best angles and how to write and present stories that will be used, not ignored.

I also have a long list of excellent contacts, both within the trade arena and in the news media – a fact that can make a big difference.


A great way of illustrating your company’s expertise, either on your website or in trade media.

Case studies can be particularly effective for highlighting your approach to sustainability and/or Corporate Social Responsibility.

I’ve written hundreds of case studies for a wide variety of businesses – revealing the details of key projects and spelling out the experience and knowledge that has proved crucial to existing customers – and could prove vital to others.


A well-researched and informative body of work can make potential customers sit up and take notice.

It can paint a picture of true expertise, reveal your business as leaders in your field and help drum home the message that YOU are a company to be trusted.

I've helped a number of businesses get their research, expert opinion or advice into the public domain - both in print and online.

Often it's teamed with a press release to help generate interest.

  • Engage your audience

  • Extend your reach

  • Establish authority

I produce compelling content for a wide variety of platforms that can...

  • Raise the profile of your business within your own industry or in a wider domain

  • Help your company to reveal its news to the people who matter

  • Establish authority in your field or build trust within your customer base

  • Ensure your website is saying ALL the right things in the right tone

  • Create brochures to present your business in the best possible light

  • Populate newsletters or intranet sites to help keep your workforce fully informed


Your website is the most public window to your world. Have you ever sat down and really examined what it says about you – or how potential customers will perceive you?

Is the content on your site written in the best possible way?

The marketing or website company that most likely produced your site might not be experts in grammar or punctuation. Mistakes are surprisingly common – and will almost always create a bad impression.

I can make your site sparkle, ensure it’s hitting the right spot with SEO, check all grammar and spelling and, in short, turn a standard website into a valuable brand experience.


Winning an award for your work or achievements can be massively rewarding on a number of levels.

Whether it’s recognition from within your own industry, or a commendation on the regional or even national stage, it’s good news all round.

By revealing your success, an award will formally confirm you as experts in your sector, act a source of real pride for your staff – and is something to really shout about.

I have put together entries that led to more than a dozen awards for my clients.

I know what judges are looking for and deliver it in spades.

I love doing it – and my record of success is proof of that.


Company brochures, leaflets and other literature can be crucial tools for your business.

They offer a revealing insight into your operation, so it’s vitally important that you deliver the right messages in the right tone.

Staff newsletters can be crucial in keeping your workforce up to date with developments and fully informed.

They're also a key vehicle for recognising achievement or long service.

I’ve vast experience of writing copy for a variety of brochures and newsletters – and I can do the same for you.


Too often, companies see social media as an inconvenience – perhaps using it as an after-thought or considering it unimportant.

The trouble is that many of your customers don’t see it that way. To them, it can be the one and only time they look at your company and build an impression.

Your presence on LinkedIn and other sites can make a big difference.

With a strong history of creating content for  various platforms, I can ensure your social media presence is a valuable part of your marketing strategy.


There’s nothing worse than visiting a website, or receiving a company brochure, only to find it littered with grammar, punctuation or, even worse, spelling errors.

It can create a poor impression of your company and leave potential customers with the idea that you’re a slapdash business that doesn’t truly take enough time and care over other things too.

I’ve been a professional newspaper sub editor and PR manager for more than 30 years. It’s been a key part of my job to spot, and correct, errors before they reach the public domain.

I can help your business to ensure every communication with the outside world is absolutely spot on.


  • Direct customer communication

  • E-Newsletters

  • Blogs

  • Presentations and pitches

  • Advocacy projects